SKIPPER Multi Repeater CD401MR-SB

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The SKIPPER CD401MR is a remote multirepeater for NMEA0183 signals. It is designed for use with SKIPPER products together with products from other manufacturers, when these use NMEA 0183 output.

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  • Compact Multirepeater
  • Depth below surface, keel and transducer
  • Speed over ground and through water
  • Distance, total/trip for both ground and water
  • Heading, true, magnetic and relative
  • Rotation, rate of turn and direction
  • Wind speed and direction (true, magnetic and relative)
  • Temperature in water and air
  • Drive, RPM, propeller pitch and rudder position
  • Clock UTC, local time and expected time of arrival
  • Current, direction and speed


Part number:
  • CD401MR-SB
Power supply:
  • DC: 18-32 V
Power consumption:
  • 30 W at 24 VDC
  • Up to 4 lines with DOT LED
Display output:
  • Depth: Below surface, keel and transducer
  • Speed over ground: Longitudinal, Transversal fore, Transversal aft(Docking)
  • Speed through water: Longitudinal, Transversal fore, Transversal aft(Docking)
  • Heading: True, magnetic and relative
  • Wind: True, magnetic and relative speed and direction
  • Temperature: Water and air
  • Drive: RPM, Propeller pitch and rudder position
  • Clock: UTC, local time and ETA
  • Distance travelled through water and over ground: Trip and Total
  • Current: True and relative speed and direction
Cut-out dimensions:
  • 124×124 mm. Bracket or panel mounting. Brackets included.
Front plate:
  • 144×144 mm to DIN standard
  • 59 mm
  • 1 kgs
IP rating:
  • 56
  • NMEA 0183 protocols
  • Remote dimmer input
  • Depth: DPT, DBK, DBT, DBS
  • Speed: VBW, VTG, VHW
  • Distance: VLW
  • Heading: VTG, VHW, THS, HDT, HDM, HDG
  • Rotation: ROT
  • Pitch and Roll: XDR
  • Wind: MWV, VWR, VWT, MWD
  • Temperature: MTA, MTW, MDA
  • Drive: RPM, RSA
  • Clock: ZTG, ZDA, GGA, RMC
  • Current: IIVDR, PSKPVDR
  • Auxillary: User defined
  • Made according to IMO performance standard
  • IEC 60945/2002
  • Available in most major harbours, world-wide through extensive dealer network

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