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Poseidon Electronics S.A.

POSEIDON was founded in 1985 in Chania. Its activities were initially the trading, manufacture, repair and installation of electronic systems for ships.

Within a short period of time, the Company established itself in its field and developed at the same time commercial activities in other sectors such as Land Radio Communications, Call Centers, Satellite Communications Terminals, Automatic Control Systems and Mobile Telephony. POSEIDON ELECTRONICS has a quality assurance certificate according to ISO 9001 and NATO.

The expansion of the company's activities throughout Greece made it imperative to immediately establish a branch in Athens in order to better commercial and technical service the market.

POSEIDON ELECTRONICS S.A. is based in Chania and a branch in Athens.

Poseidon Electronics, Chania, Crete

The success of the company
is based on:

  • In perfect technical support after the sale.
  • In the quality of the products and services it offers.
  • In the way of product promotion (authorized network of representatives throughout Greece).
  • In the use of modern working methods (computerization of services and the existence of the latest technology to support the products it represents).

Poseidon Electronics stands out for the excellent quality of its products and the service of its customers which is expected to become even more immediate with the creation of more points of sale in the future.

Poseidon Electronics, Chania, Crete