PRC-2080 RFDS – VHF Rapid Field Deployment System Barrett

(the price includes VAT)

– Field operational in minutes
– AC Mains and/or DC power
– On board 12 V 33 Ah battery
– Battery charging onboard
– HF – VHF/UHF interoperability
– HF data transmission ready
– Multiple voice and data security options
– Stackable transportable base station and vehicle/field deployable
– Remote control tactical RGB LED lighting for night/dark area operations
– 12 volt DC external accessory socket to run PC or any other 12 volt DC equipment for operation and/or charging
– Amazon ruggedized Anti vibration 6U 19-inch rack complies with MIL-STD 810F and rated IP65



  • Ruggedized anti shock and vibration 9U 19-inch rack
    case meets MIL-STD 810G and rated IP65.
  • Onboard rear mounted 33 Amp Hour sealed
    GEL lead Acid battery. External batteries can
    also be used.
  • 5 volt 2 amp DC external USB accessory socket to
    charge external tablet or phone device etc.
  • Radio equipment quickly removable. RFDS unit
    can be supplied without radio equipment so Barrett
    customers can use their existing equipment.
  • PRC-2082 50 W VHF Low Band tactical mobile
    transceiver package.
  • Barrett PRC-2090 mains power supply. Powers
    equipment when operating from mains power.
  • The Power Management Unit (PMU) automatically monitors and selects input power from various sources such as AC
    derived DC, regulated solar power and external DC power such as batteries. Power is automatically switched, in a
    prioritized manner, between the various DC sources. An internal 7amp 3 step battery charger keeps the internal 36 Ah
    battery ready for use whilst AC power is available. A secondary charging source is available via the solar power input. An
    LCD display keeps the operator informed of which power source is feeding the circuitry and the state of each by reporting
    voltage, current and power source state.