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NSPL-500 AIS/VHF Antenna Splitter – Allows one VHF antenna to be used on board for both VHF and AIS.

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Save the hassle of installing a costly second antenna and use your existing single antenna with VHF/AIS/FM, by enlisting the lightweight, compact NSPL 500 antenna splitter.


When combined with the NAIS 500 AIS system, you can see and be seen on the water, whether tackling busy shipping lanes or crowded ports.


Key Features

  • Plug and Play
  • FM connector for SonicHub™ 2 or any compatible stereo FM unit.
  • Lightweight Unit – Just 260 grams.
  • Waterproof IPX7 standard.


Low Power Consumption

Ideal for sailboats or power boats, the NSPL 500 features a low average power consumption of less than 150 mA at 12 V DC.


Wide Voltage Range

The NSPL 500 is suitable for 12 or 24 V DC systems with a wide range of supported input voltages from 9.6 V to 31.2 V DC.


High Performance with Low Loss

The NSPL 500’s high-performance design means no insertion loss on AIS and VHF receive, and low insertion loss on AIS and VHF transmit.



Dimensions 152 x 98 x 52 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 260 g
Voltage supply DC 9.6 to 31.2 V
Current consumption <150 mA at 12 VDC
VHF and AIS frequency range 156 MHz to 162 MHz
Insertion loss AIS & VHF receive paths 0 dB 0 dB
Insertion loss AIS & VHF transmit paths Typical 1 dB
Max input power, AIS port 12.5 W
Max input power, VHF port 25 W
Min input power, VHF port 0.5 W
AIS, VHF and Antenna port impedance 50 Ohms
FM port impedance 75 Ohms
Operating temperature -15ºC to +55ºC
Ingress protection IP67

Additional information

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