MX575D DGPS Compass with GLONASS Simrad

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MX575D DGPS compass with GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

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  • IMO Compliant GNSS and DGNSS Compass for the Professional market
  • MX575D and HS80A can be used with IMO compliant MX GN70/MX610/MX612 CDU for Navigation and Heading applications (Two IMO compliant certificates: THD and Navigation)
  • Enhanced position performance with GLONASS
  • D/GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) mode compatible with GN70/MX610/MX612 CDU
  • Flexibility for easy integration into NMEA 0183 interface
  • RAIM (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) enabled
  • NMEA 0183 standard interface for MX575D
  • MX575D can be used for NMEA 2000 interface with optional NMEA 2000 adaptor
  • 1 PPS output is available with Power/Data cable which is supplied with MX575D
  • MX575D/HS80A are replacement models for MX575C/HS80 D/GPS compasses
  • Built in Beacon DGPS receiver in MX575D for receiving corrections from IALA compliant Beacon Stations
  • SBAS DGPS corrections can be used by HS80A and MX575D
  • D/GPS mode compatible with MX420/MX510/MX512 CDU

Major Selling Points

  • Dual IMO compliance Certification as GPS sensor with GLONASS (GNSS)
  • Primary Navigation System with MX CDU
  • Heading Device
  • Customer saves the cost of Navigation antenna. This is an advantage over competitive products available in market
  • NMEA 2000 interface with supplied adaptor
  • Easy interface with NMEA 2000 bus and NMEA 2000 devices
  • 1PPS output option with optional 15m Power/Data cable
  • Pitch, Roll and Heave as standard output
  • Position and Heading 1 to 20 Hz
  • DGPS Corrections from SBAS satellites
  • NMEA 0183 interface with optional 15m power/data cable
  • HS80A will work in GPS + GLONASS mode with GN70, MX610 and MX612 CDU
  • CCS (China Classification Society) certification with GN70/MX610/MX612 CDU
  • HS80A also has NMEA 2000 certification