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Intuitive user interface and white backlit keyboard and LCD

Active noise cancellation

Loud 10W sound, Announcement sound and fog horn

Built-in GPS receiver

Built-in DSC

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Intuitive user interface and white backlit keyboard and LCD.

The rotary dial and directional pad provide quick and easy access to intended functions.

Active noise cancellation

Built-in Noise Isolation Mode reduces background noise by up to 90% and improves both voice transmission and incoming call.

Loud 10W sound, Announcement sound and fog horn

The IC-M423GE has a built-in 10W amplifier that boosts the audio output to an additional external speaker.


The announcement function allows you to make an announcement from the microphone to a loudspeaker, and the fog horn can also be emitted from the external speaker.

Built-in DSC

The transceiver continuously monitors CH 70, even when you are receiving another channel.

The IC-M423GE has DSC functions: Distress, Group, All Ships, Individual, Safety and DSC Control.

Built-in GPS receiver

Built-in GPS receiver shows current position, date/time and can be used for DSC calls.

The GPS data source is selectable from internal and external GPS.

A GNSS antenna is provided with the IC-M423GE.



The optional COMMANDMIC microphone makes it convenient to use the IC-M423GE from a separate booth.

All functions of IC-M423GE can be controlled by COMMANDMIC and can be used as an intercom with IC-M423GE.


Made in Japan Quality and reliability

All Icom products are checked to pass rigorous internal testing as well as environmental testing at the Wakayama Icom factory before shipment. Our world leading products and quality is a tradition.



– IPX7 waterproof protection

– Dual watch Tri-watch function

– Direct access to Ch16 and the call channel

– Favorite channel function

– Auto scan function

– AquaQuake drainage function

– Backlit screen and keyboard.

– Possibility of connection with an external speaker

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Dimensions 18 × 11.99 × 8.2 cm