AIRMAR P79 50/200 kHz IN-HULL

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Detailed Features

Operating frequencies: 50 / 200kHz
Coverage angles:  12 ° @ 200 KHz || 45 ° @ 50 ΚHz
Temperature sensor: NO
Xducer ID® technology: YES
CHIRP technology: NO
Power: 600W
Bottom structure: NO
Hull type: All types

Compatibility with all Lowrance devices as well as all 9-pin devices of the NAVICO group ( LOWRANCE / SIMRAD / B & G)

Bottom Detection at High Boat Speed


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Airmar P79 50 / 200KHZ In-Hull Sensor

Classic broadband sensor  technology 600W with frequencies 50/200 kHz for all types of fishing up to 300m depth. It is placed inside the boat, and is a suitable sensor for hulls with an inclination from 2º to 22º.

Works with all series of devices (9pin / black plug).

Plastic sensor, 50/200 kHz, 600W.
Frequencies 50KHz / 200KHz up to 450m for all fishing.
200 kHz 12 ° transmission angle opening.
50 kHz 36 ° transmission angle opening. 

Maximum real depth 300 meters.
Ideal sensor for those who fish in shallow and deep waters.

Included: 7 m cable.