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Brand Characteristics  : © Airmar Technology Corporation
Operating Frequency: 50/200 kHz,
Transmission Angle: 200 kHz 6 ° / 50 kHz 19 °
CHIRP Technology: NO
Frequency CHIRP Support: YES
Sensor Type:  In Hull for Inboard Boat
Construction: 8 ceramic elements.
Cable Length: 8m
Terminal: NAVICO 9 – pin (BLACK)
Built-in XID: YES
Downscan: NO
Sidescan: NO
Shell: Plastic
Power: 1000 Watt.
Maximum depth: 900m
Temperature sensor: NO
Weight: 4 Kg
Additional Features: Works perfectly at low and very high boat speeds.

Note: Ideal sensor for those who fish mainly in deep water.





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Airmar M260 1KW

The M260 1 kW sensor with Broadband technology, has been designed with the ceramic element of Airmar.

The sensor, with a transmission frequency of 50/200 kHz, provides broadband performance resulting in the highest resolution without sacrificing sensitivity. In combination with its special construction, we have excellent detection performance at very great depth and at high speeds over 30 knots.

It combines two separate elements (one for each emission frequency), for maximum efficiency and display of the seabed under the boat in shallow and deep water.


Because the M260 has narrow beams on both transmission frequencies, it is very easy to distinguish between individual targets and fish.

Optimal sonar performance no longer requires drilling into the boat hull as we can mount the M260 internally.

* Prerequisite to be the hull of the boat made of solid polyester and up to 30mm thick.




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Weight 4 kg