V3100,SOTDMA CLASS B AIS,W/GPS-500 simrad

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The V3100 Class B AIS incorporates SOTDMA technology and increased transmit power to improve transmission frequency, reliability and range compared to standard Class B AIS. This “black box” solution integrates with MFD displays and features industry standard connectivity specifications.

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The V3100 Class B AIS is designed to meet the needs of light commercial vessels and workboats operating in high-traffic areas.


SOTDMA technology and increased transmission power (5W vs 2W for regular Class B) with enhanced transmission frequency, reliability, and range compared to standard Class B AIS. For a dedicated AIS display for this blackbox, use Simrad P2005, P3007 or IS42 Instruments, or a B&G Triton2 Instrument.


Key Features

  • Enhanced performance compared to standard Class B AIS
  • Transmit over greater distances with 5-Watt output power
  • Transmit more frequent position updates with SOTDMA
  • Greater transmission reliability in high-traffic areas
  • Integrated ‘black-box’ solution
  • NMEA 2000®, dual NMEA 0183®, and USB connectivity
  • IP67 water-resistant housing
  • Built-in SD card slot for AIS data logging


About AIS

The marine Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a location and vessel information reporting system. It allows vessels equipped with AIS to automatically and dynamically share and regularly update their position, speed, course and other information such as vessel identity with similarly equipped vessels. Position is derived from the Global Positioning System (GPS) and communication between vessels is by Very High Frequency (VHF) digital transmissions.


Increased Transmission Frequency and Reliability

The V3100 Class B AIS incorporates the same SOTDMA technology found in Class A solutions. This self-organising transmission technology allows the system to negotiate a regular transmission timeslot with other AIS units in range, facilitating more frequent and reliable position updates in high-traffic areas. The V3100 transmits updates, based on vessel speed, up to once every five seconds; this provides up to six times the reporting frequency of standard Class B AIS.


Increased Transmission Range

The V3100 features a maximum transmission power of 5 Watts, 2.5 times the transmission power of standard Class B AIS solutions. This allows vessels equipped with the V3100 to be detected over AIS at a greater range, and provides more reliable transmission to satellite-based AIS receivers.


Integrated ‘Black-Box’ Solution

This ‘black box’ AIS solution is designed to work with Simrad multifunction displays, and other NMEA 2000® or NMEA 0183® connected marine electronics. Output to a standard PC is also supported via USB connectivity. The V3100 is contained in a compact IP67 water-resistant housing, and includes a built-in SD card slot for standalone AIS data logging.




Frequency Range 156.025 MHz ~ 162.025 MHz
Access Scheme SOTDMA
Channel Bandwidth 25 KHz
Modulation GMSK / FM
Data Rate 9,600 bps
Number of AIS Transmitters 1
Number of AIS Receivers 2 (one time-shared between AIS and DSC)
Number of DSC Receivers 1 (time-shared between AIS and DSC)
AIS Channel 1 CH 87B (161.975 MHz)
AIS Channel 2 CH 88B (162.025 MHz)
Tx Power Output 5 Watt (37 dBm ± 1.5 dB): 1 Watt (30 dBm ± 1.5 dB)
Rx Sensitivity < -107 dBm @ 20% PER
Rx Message Format AIS Class A & B messages


Modulation 1,300 Hz / 2,100 Hz FSK
Accuracy 1,200 bps ± 30 ppm
Spurious Response Rejection ≧ 70 dB for signal @ -104 dBm; BER ≦ 1 %
Blocking ≧ 84 dB for signal @ -104 dBm; BER ≦1 %


Receiving Channels 50 channels
Accuracy IEC 61108-1 compliant
Output Rate 1 Hz
Support GPS, Gallieo, Beidou, GLONASS


Supply Voltage 12V / 24V DC, 3A
Power Consumption Typically less than 3W average @ 12V DC


GPS Antenna Connector Adaptor to SMA (incl. in box)
VHF Antenna Connector SO-239 (Female)
NMEA 2000 Micro-C standard connector
NMEA 0183 (RS-422) Support two NMEA 0183 interfaces. Default baud rate 38,400 & 4,800 bps. Configurable and separate Tx/Rx baud rate.Standard IEC 61162-1 / IEC 61162-2 sentences
Silent Mode Setting Set by dedicated pins in the 12-pin cable or by NMEA 2000 from Navico MFD
Internal Alarm Relay Setting Set by dedicated pins in the 8-pin cable
USB Mini-B type, waterproof


Operating Conditions IEC 60945 “protected” category
Operating Temperature -15°C ~ +55°C (+5°F ~ +130°F)
Waterproof IP67


Width 177 mm (6.97 inches)
Height 60 mm (2.36 inches)
Depth 132 mm (5.20 inches) (exclude connector)
Weight 500 g


SOFTWARE TOOL Navico AIS Configuration, AIS Viewer


Standard Magnetic Compass 0.3 m
Steering Magnetic Compass 0.3 m


Cable Integral 10 m RG-174 cable plus mounting bracket
Supply Voltage 3.3V