TYPE 1681 SAFETY OHM METERS Electrical Bond Resistance and Continuity Tester AGI

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The Type 1681 Safety Ohm Meter range are rugged highly portable intrinsically safe instruments for use in potentially Explosive Atmospheres. Six measurement ranges enable it to measure resistances from 1mΩ and 20kΩ using a 3½ digit backlit LCD display.

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Type 1681 Safety Ohm Meter

The 1681 is a portable battery powered rugged intrinsically safety ohm meter. It is designed to measure the resistance of electrical bonds and continuity in a wide range of industries. It is ATEX approved by Baseefa for 11 2G EEx ib 11C T4 environments.

Type 1681A Safety Ohm Meter – Armaments version

The 1681A safety ohm meter has been designed to measure the resistance of different types of explosive devices such as detonators and squibs. It meets the UK Ministry of Defence standard 07-85 for intrinsically safe operation when working with explosives. It is also ATEX certified to 11 2G EEx ib 11C T4.

Type 1681B Safety Ohm Meter – Aircraft Bonding version

The 1681B portable safety ohm meter is intrinsically safe and has been designed to measure electrical bonding on aircraft.

The backlit display enables it to be clearly visible in dimly lit environments such as aircraft hangars. Designed to operate in hazardous areas such as aircraft fuel tanks, it carries an 11 2G EEx ib 11C T4 approval certificate.


  • Compact, light and robust
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Digital display
  • Highly reliable
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Battery Powered