Thuraya GSM

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Extending GSM to the world’s most remote locations. The innovative Thuraya GSM Solution provides added convenience for users needing to communicate outside of the GSM network range. It is used to extend GSM services to remote locations (mobile locations) with Thuraya IP as the backbone link. It gives end-users added mobility, more freedom and fewer restrictions on their communications.

Thuraya GSM users can enjoy the convenience of using a GSM phone in remote locations since the calls are actually established over satellite in the packet mode. Its main function is to allow GSM roaming in remote and isolated locations where GSM services are generally not available.
The IP access is used along with THIP terminals in both standard and streaming mode if needed. Users of this reliable solution can enjoy several benefits such as the ease of deployment of remote GSM networks and its simple, swift operation.

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  • Compact, reliable and easy to use

The Thuraya GSM is a compact device that extends GSM network services for multiple enabling users to use their own GSM devices for voice, SMS and GPRS services.

  • Flexible, even in the most remote of locations

Designed for field and mobile office setups, Thuraya GSM offers quick, reliable GSM connectivity even in the most remote areas, enabling you to minimize management and operation costs.

  • Staying connected, wherever you are

No matter how far your business operations take you, Thuraya GSM provides an instant and convenient GSM network access regardless of your location and at all times.