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S5100 SONAR MODULE, Simrad

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S5100 high performance CHIRP sonar unit. 3 fully independent channels capable of delivering high-resolution sonar coverage  at multiple depth scales, focused on precision for offshore fishermen.

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The ability to view a split screen at the same time gives you complete control of the water column, while advanced processing technology allows you to fish with noise-free clarity at all depths without ever losing depth monitoring. Mix and match your favorite transducer cover and transmit power for large and narrow beam backs to reveal more fish by detecting small and narrowly positioned fish and identifying thermocouples or adjust specific CHIRP frequencies from 28 to 250 kHz to accurately aim sharply. large, clear arches with clear separation of targets.

Basic features

  • Three fully independent sonar channels offer high resolution coverage
  • Noise-free clarity in all depth areas
  • Combine three frequency ranges to target multiple depths, including Ultra-Low, Low, Medium or High CHIRP
  • Compatible with CHIRP wide-angle converters for greater water column coverage
  • Simultaneous display of multiple depth areas on your screen
  • Maximum depth 3,000 meters / 10,000 feet (depending on the transmitter)
  • Easy installation with three 9-pin plug-and-play converter sockets
  • Compatible with Simrad NSS evo3 and NSS evo2 multifunction monitors, NSO evo2 systems and S2000 series fish detectors


Three independent channels The S5100 is our first sonar unit with three fully independent sonar channels, providing true simultaneous coverage of up to three different depth ranges with incompatible performance in any range. Connect three single-channel transducers or pair two-channel and one-channel to create the perfect sonar coverage for the areas you are fishing and the species you are targeting.

The noise-free CHIRP Clarity sonar uses frequency scan pulses to provide improved target resolution and noise rejection compared to traditional single-frequency sonar. With the advanced CHIRP technology of the S5100, you will see clearly to the bottom without noise or clutter in the middle.

Wide Angle Converter Support The Simrad S5100 is compatible with Airmar’s wide range of CHIRP converters. These are perfect for targeting pelagic species, with enhanced upper water column coverage. Wide-angle transducers are also useful in shallow water, where traditional narrow beam angles can provide limited coverage at the bottom. A wider coverage area not only speeds up your search, but also means that individual fish targets are easier to see.

Simultaneous split-screen display View multiple depth zones simultaneously in a custom “split-screen” configuration. Because all three sonar channels are completely independent, different real-time frequency bands can be viewed simultaneously on a single screen.

Plug-and-Play Multifunction Screen Compatibility The S5100 connects to Simrad NSS evo3 and NSS evo2 multifunction monitors, NSO evo2 glass bridge systems and S2000 series fish detectors. High-speed Ethernet connectivity allows easy installation almost anywhere on the ship. An S5100 can be used to add sonar capabilities to an NSO evo2 modular system or to provide additional sonar capabilities on integrated monitors with built-in sonar technology.



Operating temperature range: -15 ° C – + 55 ° C (5 ° F – 131 ° F)

Storage temperature: -30 ° C – + 70 ° C (-22 ° F – 158 ° F )

Waterproof rating: IPx5

Humidity: Up to 95% at 35 ° C (95 ° F) without condensation

Shock & Vibration: According to IEC 60945

Of course

Weight: 4.7 kg (10.4 lbs)

Safe compass difference: 1.8 m (6 feet)

Sonar specifications

Power output: 600 W – 3 kW RMS (depending on the converter)

Frequencies: 25 – 250 kHz

Transmitter and receiver type: 3 CHIRP tuned transmitters, 3 tuned broadband receivers

Warranty period: 2 years


Compliance: EMC Directive 2014/30 / EU

Standard: IEC 60945


Converter: Sonar jacks 3 x 9 pin X Sonic

Ethernet: 1 x 100 Mbps

Power: 1 x 4 pin power socket


Inverter port 2: 9-pin black connector for use with StructureScan HD and Spotlight converters

Supply voltage – Operation: 9-32 VDC

Supply voltage – OFF to ON: 10.4 – 31.2 VDC

Power Consumption – Maximum: 85 W

Recommended rated insurance: 5A

Additional information

Weight 4.7 kg