Koden KRD-10 NMEA Repeater

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The new Koden KRD-10 NMEA Remote Display features a simple and intuitive digital/graphical/analogue user interface.

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KRD-10 NMEA Repeater is capable of displaying information from a wide range of onboard sensors as GPS Compass, Weather Station, Wind Anemometer, Rudder sensor and much more. Utilizing NMEA 0183 interface can easily be connected for simple and reliable operation.

Key Features

19 Different Display Modes including:

Navdata, Navigation Graph, Steering, Highway, Plotter, Compass, Turnaround, Wind Direction, Water Temp, Weather info, ROT, Rudder Angle, Distance Info, General, Tide Current, Custom info and much more.

Bright 4.3- inch Color LCD Display

4.3- inch Color LCD Display provides larger letters and a variety of colors for high visibility even under bright sunlight.

Up to 4 ports available with connecting optional junction box

KRD-10 has 2 ports of NMEA0183. When JB-35 is connected, 2 ports are added as selection items.

Switchable between day mode and night mode

It increases visibility by switching between day mode and night mode.