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High-Resolution Color LCD
The high-resolution transreflective colour LCD provides great visibility in both natural and indoor lighting. A night mode LCD setting is an available for use at night or in low lighting conditions.

DES/AES Encryption with OTRA
For digital communication security, the radios provide basic 4-key DES encryption as standard. When used with the optional UT-134 encryption unit, 256-bit AES encryption and the OTAR function are available.

For efficiency in radio programming, the OTAP (Over-the-Air-Programming)
function allows remote change of programming data (for example adding a new repeater) over the radio channel. The OAA (Overthe-Air-Alias) function sends user name over the radio channel and eliminates needs to program the alias table. Successfully manage your fleet with ease.

Built-in Bluetooth
The built-in Bluetooth module provides remote operation and hands-free communication.
When connected with Bluetooth telemetric devices or PC terminals, data or files can be wirelessly transferred.

Digital Voice Recording
The radios can record incoming and outgoing communications, and replay recorded communications.
When a 32 GB microSD card is used, a Max. 500 hours recording is possible.

Transparent Data MODEM Facility
The radios can be used as a transparent data modem which transmits various data at 9600 bps over the radio channel using 12.5 kHz channel spacing.
Text messages can send up to 100 characters text data message and scrolls the received message on the display.

NXDN Trunking Upgrade
The radios are compatible with IDAS digital conventional mode and analogue FM mode with auto sensing function. The radios can be upgraded to NXDN Type-D multi-site trunking mode with a license key.

GPS Receiver
Position data can be sent with voice call or status call and can be used with an AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) system. The GPS log functions log user position data at regular intervals and can be saved to a microSD card. The radios can show direction and distance to another radio or specified point, and notify you with a beep sound if the target is in the specified range.
(Optional GPS antenna, UX-241, is required separately.)

USB Port for PC Connection
The radios can be connected to a PC through a USB port for programming and accessing the installed microSD card in mass storage mode.

Multiple Controller Configurations
With a combination with optional separation kits, COMMANDMIC and separation cables, three types of controller configurations are available to suit almost any application or installation that may be required. The intercom function is available between controllers and/or COMMANDMIC.

General Features

• 380–470MHz wide frequency coverage
• 1024 memory channels with 128 zones
• IP55 jet water resistant and dust-protection
• D-SUB 25-pin ACC connector with programmable functions
• Built-in 20W audio amplifier for connecting with external public address system
• MIL-STD rugged construction
• VOX (Voice Operated transmission) function
• Internal clock
• High-speed scanning for Voting and multi-site operation
• Normal, priority and voting scan

IDAS Features
• IDAS conventional and multi-site conventional
• Type-D single-site trunking and multi-site trunking
• 6.25kHz and 12.5kHz channel spacing
• Analogue/Digital conventional mixed mode operation
• Status
• Text message
• Call alert
• Radio check
• Radio Stun/Revive/Kill
• Remote monitor

Analogue FM Mode Features
• 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS and DTCS built-in
• DTMF autodial and DTMF decode
• MDC 1200 compatible
• BIIS 1200 Compatible
• Basic LTR™ trunking
• Audio compander
• Inversion voice scrambler

Supplied accessories:
• Hand microphone, HM-221
• DC power cable
• Mounting bracket kit
• Microphone hanger