Hytera PDC760

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The PDC760 advanced multi-function radio is the revolutionary DMR LTE hybrid device that offers the ideal platform for critical voice and broadband data services. Providing a unified communication experience, this feature-rich handset with multiple connectivity options is the ideal communication solution for critical situations.

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Hytera Smart Mobile Device Management (MDM) takes full advantage of broadband capacity to make your device management easier.
Traversing a variety of broadband, Wi-Fi, 4G and LTE networks, this solution performs group scheduling, upgrades, license checks and data backup. In addition to device management and control, Hytera MDM can also support accessory management such as Remote Video Microphones, and is also compatible with Hytera narrowband radios, enhancing traditional device management.
As users drive with wireless devices and supplement with wired solutions, in an increasingly broadband network architecture, the Hytera MDM solution offers simultaneous operation, flexible remote control and timed push actions to significantly save uptime and costs for device management.
Hytera MDM provides a full lifecycle asset management system. The administrator can monitor the working status of any device
across the fleet, identifying critical device and user information 24/7.

The Hytera Multi-Mode Advanced Radio is a revolutionary device in the private radio network industry. The first of its kind to offer a truly converged platform for critical voice and broadband data services, this innovative development is a major milestone.

The radio supports multi-mode communication in different scenarios, be it daily business operations or emergency response, broadband or narrowband, using the public or private network.
Offering the user a truly unified communication experience. Rich applications and high-level data security secure the radio
calmly handles any critical situation, improving cooperation and seamless communication.
The ergonomic design combined with the robust frame and touch screen supports a new aesthetic experience differentiated requirements. You can hear and see clearly, manipulate and transmit safely, and use your enhanced situational awareness to respond and achieve quickly and efficiently.