Humminbird Helix 7x CHIRP DS GPS G3

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Humminbird’s new waterproof sonar with color screen, integrated cartographic Gps Plotter and  full GREEK menu  on the screen. The screen is 7 inch high resolution TFT (800 x 480) and delivers 256 colors.


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GPS has 50 parallel channels, 2500 memory for signs (name, symbol, text) and 45 routes. It has a built-in antenna on the head. It has built-in maps for zoom  up to 4nm , while for maximum map resolution it accepts Navionics Gold maps in extra cassettes. Thanks to WAAS / EGNOS technology it has a maximum deviation of  less than 1 meter .

In the sonar we have the new CHIRP sensor   with scanning from 25º to 45º and frequencies from 150 to 220 Khz at 1000 Watts (RMS), which enables bottom reading at 305 meters. With the purchase of a 28/250 kHz sensor, it can display up to 1067 meters in depth! It depicts the seabed showing its hardness, displays fish in three sizes indicating the depth at which they are (in meters, orgies or feet separating them every 63.5mm), and has a depth and fish alarm.

It has the  ability to record  the displayed screen on a micro SD card. It has built-in AutoChart Live for creating personal sonar maps. It has a zoom and in combination with GPS we can save the position of a peak or other point on the seabed even if we have left it behind us !!!

It can be connected to a number of peripherals, including the excellent weather sensor, the very high-precision GPS antenna, the Smartcast transceiver and the company’s mileage.  It is accompanied by the emitter  with the sensor of the water surface temperature as well as by detailed instructions in Greek. It also has an emulator for easy learning at home.

The G3N version includes an ethernet port for connecting radar and other peripherals, as well as bluetooth.