Hook Reveal 5” | 50KHz/200KHz 455KHZ/800KHZ Lowrance

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The Hook Reveal range of devices is the ideal solution for those who are taking their first steps in using the sonar!

What’s new!
The renewed LOWRANCE Hook Reveal series offers the possibility of use in fully automatic mode with very sharp seabed images, even at great depths. It is an affordable solution, with very satisfactory performance and excellent build quality. The new Hook Reveal series makes fishing easy.


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LED Touch, SolarMAX ™ screen
The devices have excellent LED SolarMAX ™ High Definition screens with bright colors, high resolution and sharpness. The screen works satisfactorily in all lighting conditions, offering an advanced anti-reflective coating for projection in bright daylight but also in conditions of absolute darkness.

Screen Resolution
5 ” inches 800 x 480 pixels
7 ” inches 800 x 480 pixels
9 ” inches 800 x 480 pixels

Auto mode
By selecting auto mode, the device sets the settings needed so that we have a high resolution image in terms of target display and performance on the seabed. The automatic mode offers more useful time without the need for complicated settings changes when fishing conditions change.

TripleShot ™ – StructureScan® 
Supports LOWRANCE®’s new upgraded sensor, TripleShot οποίος which offers multiple possibilities for SideScan Imaging ™ & DownScan Imaging φωτογραφ photographic imaging of the seabed structure so we can get more detail in the background. , more successes. Through a suitable adapter, it is possible to upgrade the sensor by selecting the 9-PIN sensors of LOWRANCE® Total Scan and Active Imaging 3 in1 for even more detail.

FishReveal ™ Smart Target View
With the new FishReveal λειτουργία function, a particularly wide display of the seabed structure is achieved, while the objectives of the conventional sonar are also overlapped. When Downscan Imaging ™ is combined with the image of the classic sonar, we are offered a new, innovative display, which is the latest development in the use of electronic fishing devices.

CHIRP technology
Excellent display of targets using the latest CHIRP technology which is the evolution of the seabed scanning process. The signal transmission with CHIRP technology, enables the collection of high quality information, resulting in a clearer and higher image resolution. Bottom-up imaging with CHIRP technology offers the user excellent seamless, goal-free separation with greater detail.

The Hook Reveal series devices have a channel (sensor socket) of CHIRP technology, with a choice between TripleShot ™, HDI skimmer and 83/200 KHz, fully covering the needs of each user.

C Map Genesis ™ LIVE mapping
The new Hook Reveal series offers real-time mapping of the seabed. With C Map Genesis. It is possible to create a personal map easily and quickly at the touch of a button while fishing.

With LOWRANCE®’s easy-to-use updated menu, safe navigation is a matter of minutes. Through the navigation keys it is possible to enter starting points, stations and destination by simultaneously calculating distances of each leg of the route. It is possible to convert an executed route to a route automatically for future iteration.

Built-in high-precision GPS antenna
The built-in high-precision GPS antenna has a position correction mechanism with WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS without the need for additional equipment.

Sonar Color Palette
The Hook Reveal series offers 14 different color palettes in conventional sonar and 10 different palettes in bottom structure operation. Always available, the palette 13 that clearly separates the bottom with shades of brown and the targets with different colors, offering the most realistic seabed and split target depictions.

Spots, tracks, tracks
Without an additional micro SD card can be stored in the internal memory of the device, up to 3,000 spots, 100 tracks and 100 tracks with 10,000 points per trail.

MicroSD port
A waterproof microSD port is available for use with a detailed navigation map and unlimited bottom records for “home training”.

4 Panel split
Divide the screen into 4 parts, for more information at a glance.