ComNav 2001 Autopilot

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In 2001 Autopilot by ComNav was designed to work on a wide variety of boats, from small yachts to huge work boats. A number of state-of-the-art features make this pilot the most advanced navigation station.

The 2001 Autopilot can be used with most steering systems of any type and is especially useful when there is a need to retrofit to an older system. Using one of the many gearboxes available (sold separately), the 2001 can be used with mechanical, hydraulic or steady-state (tubular) steering systems.

Since their introduction in 1982, ComNav autopilots have gained a reputation for top performance and reliability even in the harshest sea conditions. Built-in diagnostics, self-monitoring, visual and audible alarms, and a three-year extended warranty make 2001 one of the most reliable autopilots on the market today.

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Fixed station autopilot, either flush or bracket mounted

Reliable in any sea and weather conditions

Suitable for larger vessels, in the range of 80 to 500+ feet

Three “Turn” functions, Continuous, Emergency and “U” Turns

Power steering feature for ease of maneuvering

Port and Starboard dodge buttons for collision avoidance

Compatible with most types of steering sysems

“Hands Off” automatic trim

Variable yaw and turn rates

Optional full function Remotes, both fixed and hand held

Two RemotePorts built in

Easy course changes, from one degree to major changes

Two Navigation ports for dual Nav input of NMEA 0183

Heading output provides N+1, NMEA 0183 or AD 10S heading information

Output for optional analog Rudder Angle Indicator, up to 4 stations

Backlit LCD display with an adjustable automatic dimmer for night viewing

Visual and audible alarms

Easy to install and fully compatible with your onboard instruments

Ten selectable steering parameters

Optional Gyro interface for stepper, syncro or NMEA gyro systems

Optional Sail version with wind input and automatic Tack function

Extended 3 year warranty


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