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B&G V60-B Marine VHF Radio – Stay safer on the water with this marine VHF radio that features built-in GPS and a full Class B AIS transmitter and receiver, allowing you to see and be seen by nearby AIS-equipped vessels.

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Stay safer on the water with this VHF marine radio featuring a built-in GPS and a full Class B AIS transmitter and receiver, which allows you to see and be seen by nearby AIS-equipped vessels.

This low-profile design radio grants flexible mounting options and supports up to two optional wireless handsets.


Key Features

  • Class D DSC approved VHF radio
  • AIS Receiver and transmitter
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Removable fist mic supports front or rear connection
  • Connect up to two wireless handsets
  • Add an optional loudhailer or external speaker
  • NMEA 0183® and NMEA 2000® connectivity


See and Be Seen with Integrated AIS

B&G’s V60 range of VHF radios give the option of a Class B AIS receiver (V60) or transceiver (V60-B), which not only receives AIS targets but also transmits your yacht’s position to nearby AIS-equipped vessels. This helps other mariners to spot your boat through any conditions, day or night. AIS information can be viewed on the radio’s built-in screen, or overlaid on your chart or radar screen through a compatible chartplotter.


Removable Fist Microphone

The V60 and V60-B’s removable fist mic can be connected to the front or rear of the radio, and optional extension cables allow the mic and radio to be mounted separately. This offers a simple and cost-effective solution for any mounting location, with no cable clutter. For instance, the V60 and V60-B can be mounted overhead, with no hanging cables, while the mic is connected to an extension socket on the dash below.


Expandable with Wireless Handsets

Add an optional H60 wireless handset to take your radio anywhere on board. Each handset duplicates your radio’s display and controls, enabling remote access to all key functions. Up to two handsets can be connected to a single V60/V60-B, and with multiple handsets connected your radio doubles as an on-board intercom.


Navigation Mode & MOB Function

Press the NAV button on the V60/V60-B to turn it into a navigational instrument displaying your Speed and Course. Hold down the NAV/MOB button to drop a waypoint on your current location and the V60/V60-B will enter Man OverBoard mode to show you how far away you are and where you need to steer to get back to the position of the MOB event. The MOB waypoint is also transmitted over NMEA 2000 to the rest of your network.


Track up to 5 Buddies!

The Track Buddy feature will automatically request the position of another VHF radio at set intervals. Simply enter the MMSI of the VHF into your contact list and start tracking! You will be able to see their position in any compatible chartplotter.




Frequency Range: Transmit 156.025~157.425 MHz
Frequency Range: Receive 156.050~163.275 MHz
Number Of Channels INT / US / CAN / EU
Oscillate Mode PLL
Modulation FM(16KOG3E) DSC(16K0G2B)
Channel Spacing 25 KHz
Frequency Stability ±5 PPM
Temperature range -15~+55 °C
Normal Working Voltage +13.6 DC V DC
Minimum operating Voltage ≤10 V DC
Low battery detect Voltage 10.5 ± 0.5 V DC
Over Voltage Protection >15.8 ± 0.5 V DC
Digital Selectivity Calling (DSC) Class D
LCD Display FSTN 256×160 Pixels
Hailer Audio Power Out 30 W
AIS Max Targets 150
Frequency error ≤±1.5 KHz
RF Power : Hi 23 ± 2 W
RF Power : Lo 0.8 ± 0.2 W
Maximum Deviation ≤± 5 KHz
S/N at 3KHz Dev. ≥40 dB
Modulation Distortion ±3KHz ≤10 %
Audio Response at 1KHz Dev. +1 to -3dB of 6dB/octave from 300hz to 3KHz dB
Spurious/Harmonic Emissions: Hi/LO ≤0.25 uW
Modulation Sensitivity ≤15 mV
Current Drain At 12V DC : Hi Power TX ≤6 A
Current Drain At 12V DC : Lo Power TX ≤1.5 A
DSC TX deviation at 1.3K 2.6±0.26 KHz
DSC TX deviation at 2.1K 4.2±0.42 KHz
ATIS TX deviation at 1.3 KHz 1.3±0.13 KHz
ATIS TX deviation at 2.1 KHz 2.1±0.21 KHz
Intermediate Frequency : 1st 38.85/21.7 MHz
Intermediate Frequency : 2nd 450 KHz
Sensitivity : 12dB SINAD ≤-6 dBuV(EMF)
Squelch Sensitivity: at tight ≤ 6 dBuV(EMF)
Spurious Response Rejection Ratio ≥70 dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥70 dB
Intermodulation Response ≥68 dB
S/N at 3KHz Dev. ≥40 dB
Audio Output Power At THD 10% ≥2.5 W
Audio Distortion ≤10 %
Audio Response +1 to -3dB of 6dB/octave from 300hz to 3kHz dB
Current Drain : Max Audio Power ≤1.5 A
Current Drain : Stand-By ≤0.45 A
2ND RX Sensitivity For 12dB SINAD ≤ 0 dBuV(EMF)
2ND RX bit error ratio@-107dBm ≤ 10-2


Class Class-B CSTDMA
AIS Transmit function Yes, single AIS transmitter
Frequency range 161.500 to 162.025 in 25kHz steps MHz
Output power 33 ± 1.5 dbm
Channel bandwidth 25 kHz
Modulation modes 25 kHz GMSK for AIS TX and RX
FrBit rate 9600 b/s ± 50 ppm (GMSK)