Tactical Software-Defined Radio, Redefined Barrett

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The Barrett PRC-4090 HF SDR Transceiver is the centerpiece of the Barrett range of tactical HF communications equipment. It combines Software-Defined Radio technology with the intuitive “ease of use” that has become synonymous with the Barrett name. When teamed with other Barrett HF products, the versatile Barrett PRC-4090 transceiver provides secure email, data transfer and telephone connectivity within a HF network and outwards to international telephone and internet networks.

The Barrett PRC-4090 transceiver can be controlled from all major mobile and desktop platforms including iOS, Android and Windows devices for wireless voice and radio control via the 4000 series HF remote control app.

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Using the latest lightweight alloys, the PRC-4090 weighs .3 10kg. Its small physical size, one of the smallest on the market, makes it comfortable to wear and operate when deployed as a tactical manpack. The manpack is 5.65kg with Barrett 16 Ah, quick change Li-ion battery.


The Barrett 16Ah advanced Li-ion battery provides the PRC-4090 transceiver up to 64 hours Rx (only) operation, and up to 21hours Rx/Tx is possible in a 90/10 duty cycle. The battery includes inbuilt charge management allowing for charging in operation or separately from any available 24V d.c. source, including solar panels and hand crank generators.


The display is a super bright, high definition 24-bit color touchscreen which provides optimal viewing ability in all lighting conditions. It provides access to the most advanced and intuitive HF radio interface on the market.

The PRC-4090 software has four separate theme modes for use in different ambient light conditions. The screen can also be turned into landscape format via the user interface, if required.


The fully featured tactical control handset is remotely connected to the transceiver unit. This enables the operator to wear the display unit on their person and have full operational control of the manpack without needlessly dismounting the manpack transceiver unit itself. It can also be used in conjunction with H250 handsets.

The PRC-4090 manpack ships with a handset cradle including Molle attachment for use on webbing or any Molle compatible equipment. The handset can be docked in the cradle in reverse for tactical operation.


Digital Voice (DV) can improve the reliability of communications over noisy channels where reception of analogue voice can be very poor. Voice can be improved markedly to the point where barely usable frequencies can be made clear. Secure Digital Voice (SDV) allows users to encrypt their communications over HF radio providing a secure HF network.

Barrett offer two SDV encryption standards. A non-export controlled DES 56 vocoder with rates of 700, 1200 and 2400bps or an export controlled AES 256 vocoder with rates of 600, 1200 and 2400bps. Both deliver cutting edge voice communication performance and security at all times.


Available hopping rates of 5 or 25 hops per second, the use of an 8 digit hopping encryption key, with a user selectable hopping bandwidth to suit a variety of antenna types means that the system provides excellent protection against electronic warfare (EW) attacks and can be operated for extended periods in the field without synchronization.


Built into the PRC-4090 System Docking Station, the Ethernet accesspoint allows the HF network to connect directly to PCs. This allows the HF network to integrate with Barrett’s tracking and data options.


Barrett’s integrated GPS is built into the handsetB. The integrated GPS enhances emergency call features and position information on all deployed equivalently equipped HF assets. Combined with Barrett’s GPS Push tracking solution, Barrett can provide unrivaled asset tracking performance over HF radio.


The Barrett PRC-4090 transceiver provides four and six digit selective call features, including telephone interconnect, SMS text, GPS tracking, status calling, point to point and/or multipoint secure call and remote transceiver.


Multiple data waveform options are provided in the Barrett PRCM-4090 including MIL-STD-188-110A/B (STANAG 4285, 4415, 4481, 4529, 4539), 3G Packet Data (STANAG 4538), CLOVER 2500 and CLOVER 3000. Combined with Barrett’s latest data transmission software and intuitive user interface, these waveforms provide unparalleled performance with “throughput” rates up to and in excess of 19,200 bps.


Backwards compatible 2nd generation (2G) Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), based on MIL-STD-188-141B (JITC certified) and FED-STD-1045, is available as an option for automatic point-to-point and/or multipoint calling, including telephone interconnect, AMD text messaging and GPS position. For superior fast link setup (FLSU), robust packet data and greater penetration on noisy channels, 3rd generation (3G) ALE based on STANAG 4538 is also available.


The digital signal processor (DSP) provides clear intelligible voice communications on analogue circuits through the digital removal of background noise and interference.


Whips and un-tuned wire antennas are accommodated with the inbuilt, fully automatic antenna tuner. Various lightweight broadband and tunable tactical antennas are available.

PRC HF SDR -4090 Transceiver – General Specifications

  • T Frequency Range: x 1.5 MHz 30 MHz (reduced performance below 1.6MHz) –
  • Rx Frequency Range: 250 z – 30 z KH MH
  • Channel Capacity: 1000
  • Frequency Stability: ±0. ppm (±0. ppm ) 1 5 un-synchronized
  • Frequency Resolution: 1 Hz tunable receiver
  • Operating Modes: J3E ( , ) – H2B ( ) – J2A ( ) – (Custom Filter) USB LSB AM CW CF – ISB (Data) Option
  • Filter Bandwidths: Fully software-defined standard and custom filter range from 300Hz to 3300Hz (6 z Option) KH ISB
  • Operating Temperature: -30° to +70° , relative humidity 95%, non condensing C C
  • Frequency Hopping: (optional) 5 or 25 hops per second
  • Digital Voice (optional): Auto baud rates 600/700, 1200, 2400 ( / ) MELP TWELP
  • Encryption standards (optional): 256 & 56 AES DES
  • Supply Voltage: +1 V to +28V operation 2 d.c. d.c.
  • Selcall System: Based on 493-4, 4 and 6 digit systems CCIR
  • ALE Standards (optional): ( 188-141B & 4538) 2G & 3G ALE MIL STD STANAG
  • Current Consumption: 250mA (Rx)
  • Sensitivity: -125dBm (0.126 µV) for 10dB SINAD (reduced sensitivity between 250kHz and 500kHz)
  • RF Output Power: 10W / 30W 6.4 d.c. & 150W (with & 24V Supply) PEP PEP SDS (with1 V battery supply)
  • Duty Cycle: 100% data with fan option
  • Weight: – -4090 transceiver body (only) . 5kg PRC 3 1
    – PRC t 16 Li-ion battery pack (4090-03-05) 5. kg -4090 transceiver body with Ah 65
    – PRC BB 5 -4090 transceiver body with 2590 Li-ion battery pack 4. 0kg
    – PRC BA 4 1 -4090 transceiver body with 5590 (non rechargeable) battery pack . kg
  • Battery: Barrett 16Ah Li-ion battery pack with inbuilt charger (2. kg) 50
  • Standards: Designed to meet or exceed:
    – – Part 87 FCC
    – – Part 90 FCC
    – IC (Industry Canada)
    – CE
    – Australia/New Zealand / 4770:2000 and / 4582:1999 and 60529:2004 AS NZS AS NZS AS
    – and vibration Standard 945 EMC IEC
    – Designed to meet – 810G for M STD IL temperature, humidity, altitude, shock, vibration immersion,
    – NTIA
    – JITC