SonarHub Module

SonarHub Module, με καλώδιο τροφοδοσίας και Ethernet καλώδιο 4.5m (15ft)

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An easy-to-install, plug-and-play, all-in-one network solution — the new SonarHub™ Sounder Module makes it easier than ever to connect to the latest sonar technologies for Lowrance HDS, Simrad and B&G multifunction displays – including CHIRP, StructureScan® HD imaging and ForwardScan– as well as the new Lowrance SpotlightScan™ bow-mounted solution for HDS Gen2 models.

Key Points
Compact, all-in-one sonar module delivers CHIRP sonar, StructureScan® HD and ForwardScan technologies.
CHIRP sonar delivers extremely efficient pulse generation that provides improved target resolution and noise rejection, as well as wide coverage for perfect arches that clearly identify fish targets.
StructureScan® HD offers best-in-class, side-scanning range and resolution, plus DownScan Imaging™ to provide crystal-clear, picture-like views of what’s beneath your boat.
ForwardScan®** Know what lies ahead, with Simrad ForwardScan. This forward-looking sonar provides a clear two-dimensional image of the bottom in front of your vessel, allowing you to navigate shallow or poorly-charted waters with confidence.
Optional transducers include all Lowrance blue-connector transducers, as well as all Airmar single channel CHIRP transducers and existing StructureScan® HD transducers.
Compatible with ALL-NEW SpotlightScan™ surround-scanning sonar transducers.*
Plug-and-play compatibility with Lowrance HDS Gen1 (not including SpotlightScan™ and CHIRP sonar), HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch fishfinder/chartplotter models, as well as Simrad and B&G multifunction displays.
Three built-in Ethernet ports allow for quick and convenient networking without the need for an extra Ethernet networking module.
Supported by Advantage Service programs for B&G, Simrad and Lowrance
High performance sonar module including both StructureScan HD/Forward scan + CHIRP sonar***
View DownScan Imaging, Side Scan Imaging plus a single frequency 50, 83, or 200Khz all at one time with a single SonarHub
While using CHIRP sonar SideScan and Down Scan will not be available
*SonarHub Sonar Module not required for SpotlightScan™ functionality with HDS Gen2 Touch displays. ** SonarHub may require a software update. Check the SonarHub web page for the latest version ***Only once source can be used at a time

Product Width 180 mm / 7.1 in
Product Height 57 mm / 2.2 in
Product Weight 0.9 kg / 2 lbs
Operating Temperature -28° to 75° C (-20° to 167° F)
Water Resistance 1PX-7
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12 or 24 V DC(max range 9 V to 32 V DC)

Sonar Performance

Output Power 500w RMS
Max Side Range 300ft each side
Max Down Range 300 ft
Frequency 455 & 800kHz

CHIRP and Single
Frequency Sonar

Output Power 250w RMS
Max Depth 3,500 ft- Transdcuer Dependent
CHIRP Frequency 40-60kHz, 85-145kHz, 130-210kHz
Narrow Band Frequency 50 kHz/83kHz/200kHz

Six Cable Connections
Ethernet 3 ports
Power 4 Pin power connector
Transducer Port 1 Blue 7 pin sonar connector for CHIRP and narrow band transdcuers
Transducer Port 2 Black 9 pin connector for use with StructureScan HD and Spotlight transdcuers