PRC-2082+ – 50 W VHF Mobile package Barrett

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The PRC-2082+ Mobile package provides a convenient docking station for the PRC-2080+ transceiver as well as the flexibility for dismounted use when not in the vehicle (additional accessories are required to use the PRC-2080+ as a Hand Portable). The 50 W VHF amplifier provides range extension and increased link reliability when connected to the external vehicle whip antenna system.

The PRC-2082+ can be installed in a range of vehicles including jeeps, patrol boats, APC’s, and tanks. The PRC-2082+ is ready for connection to combat net radio systems incorporating intercom harnesses. The overall size of the system makes it one of the smallest VHF platforms available making it particularly suited to vehicles where space is limited.

The standard package comprises:-

PRC-2080+ VHF transceiver
Vehicle docking station
50 W VHF amplifier

Advanced tactical handset
Rugged external amplified speaker
Tactical Installation Kit

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The PRC-2080+ Tactical VHF radio system has multiple levels of encryption and frequency hopping security available. Analogue voice and digital unencrypted data are fitted as standard.

The following levels of encryption are available:-

– Analogue Voice – Fixed Frequency (AFF)
– Digital Unencrypted Data – Fixed Frequency
– Digital Encrypted Voice – Fixed Frequency (DEFF)
– Digital Encrypted Voice – Frequency Hopping (DEFH)**
– Digital Encrypted Voice – Free Channel Search (DEFCS)
– Digital Encrypted Data – Fixed Frequency
– Digital Encrypted Data – Frequency Hopping**

** Requires an Australian Department of Defense Export license.


For basic operation of the PRC-2080+, only the front panel controls are required. Field programming, advanced menu options, selective calling and group calling features are accessible via the PRC-2080’s supplied advanced handset.

The PRC-2080+ is an ideal replacement to the PRC-77 and its variants, which are now obsolete and susceptible to interception and jamming.


Users will appreciate the PRC-2080+ transceiver’s solid construction, simplicity and accessibility. Maintenance is quick and simple with only three internal modules which can be exchanged without any special tools. All inter-module connectors are gold plated and there are no wiring looms or complex back plane assemblies.

In designing the PRC-2080+, emphasis has been placed on ensuring low cost of ownership over a long service life. The transceivers software defined architecture ensures compatibility with legacy, current and future communication systems.


The PRC-2080+’s main circuitry is contained in three modules – the radio frequency (RF), digital signal processor (DSP) and power amplifier (PA) modules. A very high level of integration is used to minimise component count and to increase reliability.

The embedded software is controlled by the DSP module, which uses a low current, high speed DSP core engine. Speech coding and all frequency hopping and encryption functions are processed by the DSP under the control of a hostmicroprocessor. The RF module contains a high dynamic range front end with DDS (Direct Digital Synthesiser) system which achieves fast frequency switching times whilst maintaining low current consumption.

The PRC-2080+’s RF design takes into account the hostile electromagnetic environment and achieves excellent ECM resistance and co-siting performance. The PRC-2080+’s RF, DSP and software design make it one of the most cost effective, secure, high performance VHF transceiver’s available in the tactical military market today.

PRC-2080+ General specifications Webbing pouch – Multicam

  • Frequency range: 30.2 MHz to 87.775 MHz
  • Channel resolution: 25 kHz
  • Channels: 2304, 10 pre-programmable
  • Squelch: 150 Hz tone squelch
  • Display: Backlit LCD graphics display
  • Programming: PC programming software, Fill Gun, Cloning cable, Tactical handset
  • BITE: Advanced module diagnostics & error reporting
  • Output power: 5 W / 500 mW / 50 mW nominal (selectable)
  • Modulation: FM (F3E) Digital

Mechanical & environmental

PRC-2080+ 5 W VHF Hand Portable package – P/N 2085-00-10

  • Battery: 14.4 V 6.5 Ah Li-Ion
  • Antennas: Tape whip with balun gooseneck 6 section whip with balun gooseneck
  • Dimensions in mm: 110W x 60D x 250H including battery
  • Weight: 1.3 kg with battery pack
  • Temperature: Operating -30°C to +60°C
  • Construction: Aluminum body and polycarbonate battery casing
  • MIL-STD 810G: Drop, shock, vibration & immersion

PRC-2081+ 25 W VHF Manpack package – P/N 2086-00-10
(General specs as per PRC-2080+ unless noted below)

  • Battery: 14.4 V 10 Ah Li-Ion
  • Antennas: Tape whip with gooseneck or 6 section collapsible whip
  • Output power: 25 W
  • Dimensions in mm: 215W x 280D x 95H
  • Weight: 7.7 kg with backpack frame and battery pack
  • Temperature: Operating -30°C to +60°C

PRC-2082+ 50 W VHF Mobile package – P/N 2087-00-10
(General specs as per PRC-2080+ unless noted below)

  • Supply voltage: 12 to 28 V DC
  • Output power: 50 W
  • Dimensions in mm: 230W x 250D x 270H
  • Weight: 10.8 kg excluding antenna

PRC-2084+ 50 W VHF Base package – P/N 2089-00-10
(General specs as per PRC-2080+ unless noted below)

  • Power Supply: 100 to 240 V AC
  • Output power: 50 W
  • Dimensions in mm: 230W x 445D x 335H
  • Weight: 15 kg excluding antenna

PRC-2083+ 50 W VHF Re-broadcast System – P/N 2088-00-10
(General specs as per PRC-2084+ unless noted below)

  • Power Supply: 100 to 240 V AC
  • Dimensions in mm: 685W x 715D x 550H
  • Weight: 58 kg excluding antennas