MX521B GPS Smart Antenna with GLONASS Simrad

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MX521B GPS Έξυπνη Κεραία με GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

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  • IMO Compliant GNSS and DGNSS smart antenna for the Professional market**
  • Enhanced position performance with GLONASS
  • Flexibility for easy integration into NMEA 0183 interface
  • RAIM (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) enabled
  • Meets Smart Beacon specifications for DGPS Smart Antenna applications
  • Connects directly to SIMRAD Control and Display unit via Junction Box
  • Better than 1 meter DGPS accuracy
  • Better than 3 meter GPS accuracy
  • Built-in DGPS source include SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MTSAT)
  • D/GPS mode compatible with MX420/MX510/MX512 CDU
  • D/GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) mode compatible with GN70/MX610/MX612 CDU with Junction Box
  • MX521B can be used as replacement antenna for MX521A or MX421B-10 Smart Antenna

** Το SIMRAD CDU απαιτείται να συμμορφώνεται ως σύστημα συμβατό με το ΙΜΟ

Κύρια Σημεία Πώλησης

  • IMO compliance Certification as GPS and DGPS sensor with GLONASS (D/GNSS)
  • 270 channels for GPS and GLONASS satellite acquisition
  • Sub meter position accuracy in DGNSS mode
  • DGPS Corrections from IALA compliant Beacon base stations are used as default setting for better accuracy
  • Provision to select SBAS corrections from MX CDU
  • Easy NMEA 0183 interface with MX610/MX612 Junction Box
  • Compatible with MX521A and MX421B-10 D/GPS smart antenna
  • MX521B will work in D/GPS mode with MX420/MX510/MX512 CDU
  • MX521B will work in D/GPS + GLONASS mode with GN70/MX610/MX612 CDU with Junction Box
  • CCS (China Classification Society) certification with SIMRAD CDU
  • More value for price with added GLONASS feature