TotalScan Skimmer M/H 455/800 kHz Lowrance

Detailed Features

Higher coverage than conventional sensors
Coverage angles:
20 ° @ 200kHz, High CHIRP
60 ° @ 83 KHz Medium / High CHIRP Operating

frequencies: 83/200/455 / 800kHz, Medium / High CHIRP
Temperature sensor: YES
Xducer ID® Technology: YES
CHIRP technology: YES – Hybrid
Power: 600W 2D / 500W Downscan / SideScan
Bottom structure: YES Downscan / SideScan
Hull type: All types

Bottom detection at high boat speeds

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TotalScan ™ Skimmer® M / H 455 / 800kHz 9-PIN
Hybrid Dual Imaging Sensor, dual use.
Combines the technical features of HST-WSBL with the ability to recognize the Bottom Structure of LSS HD. Power: 600W in the classic 2D sonar (180m.) And 500W in the Bottom structure | Structure Scan (DownScan / SideScan).

Plastic sensor, M / H 455/800 9-PIN , 600W, Skimmer ® .
Frequencies Medium Chirp, High Chirp, 83/200 up to 180m for shallow fishing.
Classic sensor for use with a speargun.

455/800 Frequencies for DownScan / SideScan Imaging (Structure Scan).

High CHIRP / 200 kHz: 20 ° transmission angle.
Medium CHIRP / 83kHz: 60 ° transmission angle. 

The TotalScan Skimmer Med / High 455/800 is the first choice in target imaging as it incorporates Broadband and CHIRP technology in combination with StructureScan HD and DownScan Imaging νοντας giving a complete realistic photographic imaging of the seabed.

TotalScan ™ has many mounting options and is fully compatible with HDS Carbon, HDS Gen3 and Elite Ti models and Navico Group 9Pin devices (LOWRANCE / SIMRAD / SonarHub).

Maximum real depth 180 meters.
SideScan: length 60 meters A / D at a depth of 50
meters Downscan: 100 meters

Ideal sensor for those fishing in shallow water.

Included: 5 m cable.