S2016 Fish Finder 16″ Simrad

S2016 Dedicated fish-finder with Broadband Sounder single unit and CHIRP technology. Wide 16 “LCD screen.

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Basic features

The Simrad S2016 Fish Finder combines a Broadband Sounder single unit with CHIRP technology, a 16-inch widescreen display for extended screen history, and keyboard-based intuitive functionality. Robust and offering installation options with arm and recessed mounting, the S2016 was designed to meet the need for a dedicated fish tracking screen on coastal and offshore fishing vessels.

  • Exclusive fish detector with integrated Broadband Sounder μονά unit and CHIRP technology
  • High penetration depth and ping speed
  • Vertical lift compensation (HS60 or HS70 required)
  • 16-inch high-definition LCD widescreen 1366×768 pixels
  • HDMI output for secondary display with mirror
  • See clearly with White Line, White Marker and Color Erase
  • Simple operation with 8 menu keys Direct access s
  • Boom and recess mounting options (boom included)
  • Full size SD card slot for logs and software updates
  • Ethernet connectivity, NMEA0183 & NMEA2000. Full ethernet networking is available via the RTM-2 software update.

Built-in Broadband Sounder ™ The S2016 includes a built-in Broadband Sounder ™ with a plug-and-play converter port, compatible with Simrad and Airmar converters equipped with blue 7-pin slots. Adapters are available that allow the easy and economical conversion of existing Simrad, Airmar and other third-party converters.

CHIRP technology

The S2016 incorporates CHIRP technology, which uses frequency-scanning sonar pulses to deliver higher resolution, improved target separation and greater image clarity than a traditional sonar in all depth ranges. Simrad technology makes CHIRP available not only in special purpose CHIRP converters, but also through traditional single frequency converters. Boats with a suitable transducer already installed can add CHIRP technology by simply installing a S2000 Series Fish Finder, offering an extremely economical upgrade.

Vertical lifting compensation

Lifting compensation eliminates the vertical effects of wave action from sonar depth measurements, enhancing the accuracy and consistency of bottom tracking in difficult conditions. This feature requires a compatible satellite compass connected to the NMEA 2000®, such as the Simrad HS60 or HS70, to provide real-time lifting data.

16 inch wide screen

Featuring a 16-inch widescreen LCD screen, the S2016 offers a combination of great vertical detail and a long screen echosounder history. This reduces the operator’s need to zoom in or out, while allowing easy return to promising areas.

White Line, White Marker, and Color Delete

The S2016 Fish Finder offers a range of features for quick and easy on-screen image matching to suit your work. The White Line clearly separates the water column from the bottom with a high contrast white line, for improved visibility at the bottom. The white marker allows you to replace any color of the user-selected fish image with high-contrast white, highlighting specific sonar echoes that correspond to fish or other targets of interest. Color Erase allows you to blend any selected color into the background, eliminating unwanted noise or trivial functions from the screen.

Keyboard function with direct access menu keys

The S2016 is operated with a built-in keyboard and rotary selector. The on-screen direct access menu keys provide intuitive control of on-screen menu options for one-button access to basic settings and functions. With reliable long-lasting operation and clear tactile feedback, the S2016’s large buttons are suitable for use in rough seas, while traveling at high speed with wet hands or gloved hands.

Durable design with flexible installation options

The S2016 can be recessed, ideal for installation on new boats. Alternatively, the supplied counterweight arm is suitable for outdoor installations or pilot building repairs. With waterproof rear connectors, the S2016 is waterproof IPX7 on all sides, either recessed or with stand.

Networking & Expansion

The S2016 includes Ethernet connectivity for sharing sonar data with other Simrad systems, including the NSO evo2 and NSS evo2 multifunction monitors. The S2016 can also be used as a dedicated fish detection screen for NSS evo2 systems by receiving sonar data from the built-in Broadband Sounder μονά unit of an NSS evo2 screen. Other devices may be networked through S2016 NMEA 2000® and DMEA 0183® dual ports, allowing for additional features such as waypoint marking and sharing with compatible devices * Simrad Commercial S2009 and S2016 currently support limited networking capabilities Ethernet on BSM-22 BSM-3 Sonar. 

HDMI output for screen mirroring

An HDMI output gives the option of a secondary display that reflects the S2016’s main display, allowing fish find data to be viewed on two separate stations or copied to a larger screen mounted on the aperture. The S2016 is compatible with Simrad MO series nautical monitors and other standard HDMI monitors.

Sonar Recording – Compatible with ciBioBase and Insight Genesis

The S2016 is capable of capturing sonar history on a full-size SD memory card, which can be easily inserted and removed via a waterproof front panel. Recorded sonar logs can be used with cloud-based Insight Genesis για to create custom fishing maps or BioBase GIS software to create detailed aquatic depth and vegetation maps for research purposes.