Lowrance POINT-1

The Lowrance Point-1 is the ideal position and direction device. Point-1 provides extremely accurate and fast updates on the position and speed of the boat. In addition – unlike other position-only antennas – Point-1 provides direction for accurate boat direction at any speed and for radar / graph overlap. The Point-1 connects easily to any HDS Gen2, HDS Gen2 Touch or Elite-7 monitor or any NMEA 2000 network. It is completely waterproof and can be mounted on a pole or surface on any boat.


The Point-1 antenna provides excellent positioning accuracy and provides accurate updates on the speed at which the boat is traveling. In addition, unlike other antennas, Point-1 provides the exact direction of the boat at any speed that can be overlapped on the radar / electronic map.

The point-1 antenna is easily connected to any monitor with NMEA 2000 δί network.

It is an electronic device completely waterproof and due to its small construction dimensions it can be placed in various places and surfaces of the boat.

What is a Point 1 antenna?

They are two different things: an external antenna for GPS and at the same time a device that helps us determine our position even more accurately.

The Point 1 device is essentially a compass which at all times shows us the exact direction since it is properly adjusted so that it always shows the bow of our boat. So, as we turn the arrow of our position on the map it changes direction immediately, unlike the common GPS, where one has to wait for the update!

If, very close to the position, we suddenly decide to move backwards, the maps rotate irregularly. The bow of our boat is still “looking” towards the place we want to visit, but according to the map, the position is 180 ° opposite to the diameter of our stern. So it’s really hard to orient: of course we can use the “North-Up” function but again we have to calculate distances and change the North-South, East-West orientation.

With the Point 1 device, when we decide to move backwards the maps do not rotate.

Our boat is always in the same direction as the location on the map and we always know its exact location. Navigating accurately to places off the coast is an easy process!


– NMEA 2000
– GPS and GLONASS support, Galileo-capable
– SBAS support with WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS
– 10 Hz updates
– 10Hz Electronic Compass Support for precise position / travel even at low speeds
– Compact construction, marine type completely waterproof
– spat / pole mount
– Not suitable for MARPA

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