AIRMAR SS75M 0°/12°/20° tilt LOWRANCE

Detailed Features

Larger coverage classical sensors

coverage angle: 16 °  to 11 °
Hull Deadrise: up to 24 °
• Version 20 ° tilt to installation on a hull 16 ° to 24 °
• Version 12 ° tilt to e installation hull  hull 8 ° to 15 °
• Version    0 ° tilt on  installation hull  hull  0 ° to 7 °

operating frequencies: Medium Chirp 85-135kHz
temperature sensor: YES
Power: 600W
Weight: 3 kg
Hull Deadrise: up to 28 °
Technology ID® Xducer: YES
Chirp Technology: YES
Hull type: Fiberglass, wood or metal
Element type 1 Inner ceramic element
Ideal for coastal or coastal fishing at medium to high depths
Bottom detection at high boat speeds

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Sensor Chirp (Thru Hull)
Frequencies: 80-130 kHz. (Medium CHIRP)
For hulls: 0 ° / 12 ° / 20 ° – TILT

 CHIRP  technology redefines fisheries.

AIRMAR has expanded its range of broadband sensors to meet the growing demand for technology that is changing the rules of fishing.

The SS75M sensor is designed for fishing up to 200m offering excellent target separation for most types of fishing. Transmitting at the same time in a frequency band (85-135 kHz) and not a constant frequency, these sensors detect fish in shallow, dark waters at medium depths with absolute accuracy and detail.

The TILT function offers stable seabed images regardless of the inclination of the boat.
This means that the ripples and weather conditions on the surface no longer directly affect the image of the sonar and the result is continuous and clearer than ever.

The selection of the appropriate sensor is based on the angle formed by the hull at the point where the installation will take place.


It is placed inside the hull of the boat. (Thru Hull).
Works with the HDS & Elite ti series of devices. Maximum actual depth of about 600 meters.
Ideal sensor for those who fish in shallow and deep waters.

Included: 10 m cable.



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Weight 3 kg