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Designed and tested to full military standards and developed specifically for use in surface warships, naval support ships and other vessels. AGIMET employs the latest proven and in-service solid-state meteorological sensor technology to provide accurate measurement of wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure, humidity and other local environmental parameters.

The system, when combined with AGIís extensive range of repeaters, also provides for distribution and display of Met data as well as other navigational information.


A typical ship system will comprise two solid state, ultrasonic wind sensors (mounted port and starboard or fore and aft) together with additional meteorological sensor options, each sending data via the Meteorological Interface Unit (MIU) to solid state displays and other systems. The system is capable of accepting a further two sensors for flight deck, or other operations.

Information is transmitted digitally thus greatly simplifying data handling and, in many cases alleviating the need for dedicated re-transmission. Wind outputs from the sensors are monitored by the MIU and data is continually and automatically selected from the windward sensor. By accepting inputs from the ships navigation system (i.e. log and gyro compass), both true and relative wind speed and direction maybe displayed and provided as an output. Using a dual redundant data bus architecture, the reliable distribution of data is achieved with minimal cabling.

To meet individual ship system requirements, various solid state sensors are available. These include ultrasonic anemometers, air temperature & humidity, barometric pressure, sea water temperature and salinity sensor types.

ManufacturerAgi Ltd.
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Meteorological Sensors

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