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Traditionally, to measure and visually inspect a gun barrel required two separate instruments, each of which had no logistical commonality. Ordnance routines generally require a combination of a visual inspection and physical measurement.

Visual inspection allows identification of any defects such as removal of chromium plating, particularly in the forcing cone, or the leading edge of rifling, erosion, pitting, scoring and, in extreme circumstances, rifling that has been stripped from the barrel. Physical measurement is undertaken with a precision instrument, such as AGIís Gun Barrel Bore Gauge System. Although separate systems have worked reasonably well, the introduction of safety systems and total quality management programmes require auditable records of the inspection to be made and retained for future reference.

Conventional visual inspection systems often fail to provide these auditable records, as results are largely subjective and down to an individualís personal opinion at the time of inspection. By introducing video inspection, the decisions made can substantiated as traceable records are readily available. Combining the two systems of visual and physical inspection together significantly reduces logistics in terms of time saving, as both operations can be conducted simultaneously.

The video inspection camera is offered as an upgrade to existing AGI gun barrel bore gauges already in the field, or as a new build system. The camera is a simple and effective design, which is totally self contained and easily integrated into the Gun Barrel Bore gauge System.

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