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Specifically designed to be used by all three armed services worldwide.

With the BG10, measurements of the bore are taken at 16 pre-determined positions along the barrel and the values stored in its electronics unit under entered identification codes for multiple barrels. At each position the measurement is automatically compared to pre-stored warning and rejection limits of wear, whilst a clear visual indication of the wear status is given to the operator. The entire measuring process takes less than three minutes typically per barrel and may be achieved with the barrel in-situ.

The BG10 is highly recommended for applications where measurement accuracy must not be compromised by the priority for a fast operational turn-around time.

All data stored during measurement in the non-volatile System BG10 memory may be subsequently down-loaded via the integral RS232 serial port to a personal computer. Alternatively, the data may be down-loaded directly to a miniature portable or viewed directly on the electronic units display screen.

System BG10 is provided in a rugged carrying case affording protection, storage and ease of transportation.


The BG10 is simply calibrated against a separate ring gauge (supplied) of known dimension, to provide the instrument with an accurate known reference bore.


A purpose designed muzzle adapter attaches the gauge to the muzzle on either installed or detached barrels, for control and the sequential positioning of the sensing head at 16 pre-determined measurement stations.

At each station in turn, a measurement is taken by squeezing the trigger on the hand-held electronics unit, where indicator lamps and a digital display will show the "Go", "Warning" or "No-Go" status of the wear in the barrel, as compared to user programmed rejection criteria.

The entire measuring operation typically takes less than three minutes and is achieved with optimum accuracy and repeatability.

All measurements data taken are stored in the system memory and may be subsequently downloaded to a personal computer utilising the analysis software support package. Alternatively the unit may be connected directly to a miniature Thermal Printer for an instant hard copy printout.


Weight: 5kg Unit Unpacked - 16kg packed
Bore Measuring Range: 20-60mm
Supply: Replaceable internal batteries (6xAA size)
Accuracy: Б 5 Microns (0.0002")
Flexible Feeder Tube Length: Up to 4.0m maximum fitted with 16 pre-determined measurement location ferrules to suit any particular barrel.

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